Can you clean windows in the rain?

The number one asked question to any window cleaner. The simple answer is...YES. It isn't rain or water that makes your windows dirty, its the dust and dirt that is already on the glass. Once we remove the dirt, rain usually has no effect on the cleanliness of the window. Of course, if you are not happy with the result, we will certainly come back and touch up any windows that might be a concern.

How late in the season can you continue to clean windows?

We clean windows 12 months a year so, yes, that includes all winter long. While we don't do a lot of residential jobs during the winter, if the weather warms up above zero, we certainly can clean your house windows. All of our monthly commercial jobs are cleaned regardless of how cold it gets (we usually will wait for the nicest day of the week).

How often should I get my windows cleaned?

We get asked this question a lot and its really a personal preference. The most common frequency is spring and fall...so twice a year. But many like a mid-summer cleaning. We can even clean your windows in the winter if there isn't a lot of ladder work.

What happens if its raining when I'm scheduled to have my windows done?

We leave this up to you. If the rain is of concern to us and we feel that we won't be able to do a satisfactory job, we will contact you and reschedule but otherwise we can work in almost all weather. If you are concerned, please give us a call and we can talk about whether the rain will be a problem and when we could reschedule you, if necessary.

Will my windows be clean when you use the fresh water pole?

Many of our clients actually say that they feel that their windows seem to be cleaner and stay that way longer when we use the fresh water pole system. This is because even a tiny film of soap will leave something for dust to cling to, whereas washing with fresh water leaves only a perfectly clean window.

What is the best way to make an appointment?

To ensure that you get the exact date that you want your windows cleaned, send us your email address and ask to be added to our Spring and Fall Reminder Email List. We send out emails in early April and in early September reminding you to book before the rush of phone calls begin to come in. Sign up below if you would like this service.

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